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 My original Wedding Songs will add that personal touch to your wedding day that will be cherished whether you are looking for mother son wedding songs, father daughter wedding songs or the bride and groom first dance wedding songs. Make your day special with original wedding songs that feel like they were written specially for you. My new project is a children’s CD with zoo animal songs titled Zoo Animal Songs. Stay tuned for the release date. Click to read about it.


Mother Son Wedding Songs I’ll Always be Your Mother

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Original Wedding Songs for the Mother Son dance that is perfect for all weddings.This Mother Son Song CD includes both the traditional and country versions along with their instrumentals.Lyrics This is a special day When two are joined as one I love my new daughter I’ll always love you son Care for each other Be faithful till the end Follow what’s in your heart May you always stay best friends Read More

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Story of my wedding song writing career by Lynn Leonti.

MOTHER SON SONG CD INCLUDES 4 TRACKS 1 Traditional/Vocals 2 Traditional/Instrumental 3 Country/Vocals 4 Country/Instrumental cdcover Click to Enlarge Customer Feedback I know many people have shared their story with you on how much your songs have meant to them.  Here is mine… I was watching a group of children in our computer lab at the elementary school where I work.  I had on a head set and was surfing websites to find just the right song for the mother and son dance.  While listening to your song for the first time… a child came up and asked what was wrong with me. I did not realize I had tears flowing down my face.  Your song touched me in so many ways and says exactly what I would choose to say to my son!  Lynn, you have such a special talent to put into beautiful words what so many people feel in their hearts!!!  Thank you so much for sharing! More Original Wedding Songs Customer Feedback  
Father Daughter Wedding Song I’ll Always be Your Daughter
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A Father Daughter Wedding Song written as a duet. Lyrics This is your wedding day that you’ve been dreaming of. I see your happiness with this new man you love. I haven’t lost a daughter I’m welcoming a son. It’s your special day for two the journey has begun. Read More

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2 Instrumental Click to Enlarge Customer Feedback Thanks again for your response to earlier questions.I just purchased both cd’s, mother/son and father/daughter wedding songs  I will give everyone I know that mentions a wedding your sight for their purchases cause I know anyone that hears these two songs will want them played if they can stop crying long enough to order. YOU ARE VERY VERY VERY TALENTED.  We will be using the instrumental at the wedding reception for the mother and son dance on Sept 27th.  I’ll Always Be Your Daughter is beautiful as well and I’m sure I can use it when my daughter gets married in the future….Thanks again,  Rita More Original Wedding Songs Customer Feedback
First Dance Wedding Song Two Little Words
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A First Dance Wedding Song written as a bride and groom duet.Lyrics You are the man, to keep me warm at night Baby, hold me tight You are the man, who loves me as I am You’re my best friend As my love for you grew There was no one else for me but you Read More MP3s available for Download
CD INCLUDES 2 TRACKS 1 Music/Vocals 2 Instrumental

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Customer Feedback: Lynn, As far as wedding songs go, you first dance wedding song, Two Little Words is perfect for my future husband and myself.  It fits our relationship exactly like it was written for the two of us. Thank you. I’m very happy with my CD`s. ~Susan More Original Wedding Songs Customer Feedback

Best wishes to all mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, bride and grooms on their special wedding day.  I hope all my Original Wedding Songs will touch your heart like they did mine. I enjoyed writing them and dancing with my son on his special day.